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Why We Need to Slow Our Whirling Minds



Many of us spend much of our lives allowing our minds to operate on overdrive. Studies show that we humans produce from 60,000 to 80,000 thoughts each day — an indication of our highly whirling minds. 

We allow our unharnessed thoughts to jump from one to another to another until we end our days in a state of mental exhaustion. Many of our thoughts are anything but productive, and we do very little to regulate our meandering mental activity. We allow our minds to be “future chasers” or “past dwellers.” They take us everywhere except for where it matters most — the present moment. 

The challenge is training our minds to stop — really stop. The mind is prone to wander out of the present but we can train it to move away from the busyness in our heads through practicing Mindfulness. 

Through Mindfulness, we all have the ability to become more present, awake and aware. Practicing Mindfulness reins in our random thoughts and holds us in the present moment. We can initiate a Mindfulness state by pointing our mind inward and focusing on our breath. As we stay focused on the breath, we slow our active minds and connect to the present.  

In this mindful state, we’re able to look more deeply into what we’re actually feeling in the moment. It’s a state in which we’re observing our life unfold and becoming better able to experience it with clarity and acceptance. Taking the time to simply observe, we see so much more than when we’re busy thinking about what we have to do next. We open up to what resides in our hearts.  

Mindfulness allows us to intentionally bring our busy minds into the present. When we’re fully present and surrender to the moment with total awareness, we experience a sense of non-separation that makes us feel whole, complete, and authentically ourselves. 

Explore these ways to slow our whirling minds and become more awake, present, and aware: 

1. Limit distractions. When we are able to find a break in our day, instead of using the moment to center ourselves and reconnect with the present, we distract ourselves with social media. But going on Twitter or Instagram only serves to disconnect us from our true, present-moment awareness. Instead, by using the moment to breathe, to calm our minds, and to go within, we find union in reality. We experience our lives beyond what’s just on the surface and begin to experience a more conscious knowing. 

2. Feed your spirit. When you feel a type of emptiness, or apathy, that’s your spirit telling you something extremely important. But, if instead of going deeper within to explore what’s troubling you, you choose to suppress the feeling or to anesthetize yourself, you’re not tending to your spirit. Feeding your spirit can mean taking a walk in nature, doing yoga, sitting in quiet contemplation, gardening, listening to music, playing with a pet, making love, painting, cooking, or helping someone in need. Listen to what your spirit is asking, and allow it to soar. 

3. Practice “life gazing.” When you take the time to simply look around at your world, you see so much more than when you’re busy thinking about what you have to do next. Practice being aware of what’s around you when you’re stopped at a red light. Or step outside and observe what’s taking place on the street. Balancing your daily routine of work, chores and running errands with taking present moment intervals to stop your mind from being on autopilot helps you to feel more alive and vital. 

4. Curb your ego. To begin to appreciate the rewards of slowing down and quieting the mind, stop trying to manipulate the world to feed your ego. Rein in any drama that you create. Don’t let your “small self” run the show. Instead, undertake to sharpen your awareness and see below the surface. 

5. Observe the moment with neutrality. Staying present in the moment can be challenging if you’re facing something daunting, difficult or painful. Emotions such as anger or insecurity can make your mind race. But if you allow yourself to open to challenging moments with acceptance, your resistance begins to dissolve. You can tell yourself, “I can handle this moment. There’s nothing for me to fear.” You can direct the moment — meaning you can navigate it with neutrality — because you’re no longer constricting or reacting, but allowing for it to just be. Opening up to whatever challenges present themselves, instead of resisting them, helps you ease into those moments, learn from them, and find what rings true for you. 

Through a practice of Mindfulness, you can stop the mental whirling and connect to your authentic self. Taking time to connect to and acknowledge your true self will help you better appreciate this precious gift of life. 

**Originally published at Brainz Magazine

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From a Small AC Repair Company to a Household Name in Austin TX



AC Repair Austin

The Success Story of Grande Air Solutions

What makes a successful company?

Well, while there is no one secret alone that can make you a success in the business world, the story of determined employees and aspiring entrepreneurs shed light on what makes a business thrive. Grande Air Solutions was established in 2011 by young, honest entrepreneurs Isael Garcia and Petra Lugo. They are both described as honest entrepreneurs ready to take on any challenge, which is what drove them to make this company a success. You’ll be able to find Isael and Petra engaging regularly with their customers and employees. As both will tell you, honesty is the first and foremost important feature to have in a company. Customers look for honesty in an AC repair Austin team when they’re looking to spend their money on a service. Whether the customer needs a new HVAC system or AC repair, they want to make sure that they’re getting their money’s worth.

Grande Air Solutions | Best Austin Heating And Air Company

Reliable and Affordability Make a Difference

Another key aspect that can take an HVAC company from a small-sized business to a household name is reliability. It can be a distressing situation when the AC breaks down in the middle of a hot summer day. The homeowner does not want to wait for hours on end waiting for the technician to arrive at their home. An HVAC company like Grande Air Solutions that is known for reliability will always be there for their customers, especially if it’s an HVAC emergency. Along with reliability, affordable prices are other factors that can make any company a success if it’s done right. This is where Grande Air Solutions shines as well. They offer their services along with affordable prices for all customers.

Building a Solid Reputation

How do you stand out from the rest of the competition?

It can be difficult to achieve a level of uniqueness among your competitors. However, this is where this company has also succeeded when it comes to Austin heating and air services. Building a solid reputation for years has propelled Grande Air Solutions from a small AC repair company to the well-known, trusted name it is today within the Austin area. The company has been able to deliver high-quality service to its customers, which has resulted in returning customers. This is also known as customer loyalty. The business has many five-star reviews, which potential customers look for in an HVAC company. Isael and Petra envisioned a company that carries the type of professionalism and friendly service that has exceeded the expectations of many of the company’s customers. In a nutshell, the entire team of employees are the ones who have helped build a respectable reputation for Grande Air Solutions.

Trusted and Trained Technicians

A company is only as good as its members. Another reason why this HVAC company has excelled in every aspect of the business is the team. The company’s technicians are well-trained and experienced in the HVAC field. When the technician arrives to fix or install the HVAC system, the customer knows exactly what they’ll be getting. The homeowner will always get quality service because it’s the results that speak volumes. Grande Air Solutions hires technicians who are experienced in the field and properly trained. Having the proper credentials also essential for any successful HVAC company to have, such as certifications and proper licensing. 

Connecting With the Community

Starting from a small, humble HVAC company, Grande Air Solutions has been able to grow significantly thanks to the help of people. As a family-owned business, the company also knows the importance of closeness in the community. The company has been able to give back as much as they’ve received from their local communities. In fact, the company strives to give much more. By collaborating with local charitable organizations, they are able to offer the basic necessities of life, much-needed monetary donations, help for nonprofit organizations, and other support. Being a household name among the people holds a responsibility to provide a role model as a reliable HVAC company in all aspects, including helping the community. 

Expanding Service Areas

Although it may be difficult to expand services in the beginning as a smaller business, one of the reasons the company has been able to grow is because of its determination to expand. Now, Grande Air Solutions is proud to offer Austin heating and air services throughout more of the areas. The company has been able to offer services in Buda, Cedar Park, Georgetown, Kyle, and more, just to mention a few. All of these cities are located in Texas. Investing time and money in their employees is one reason why the company has become a household name in Austin. As the team grows, more service areas are sure to open in the future.  

Offering a Wide Range of HVAC Services

Knowing about the HVAC basics is important. However, this company has been able to expand and grow because its technicians are always learning something new in the field. As technology advances, the area of HVAC also continues to improve. This can include learning about smart thermostats, the new A2L refrigerants, and the new UV light purifiers. Whatever the case may be, the company has continued its success by offering new and improved HVAC services. The wide range of alternatives gives customers the power to choose what they want for their home.

Continuing the Success Without Letup

It can be discouraging and even disheartening when the challenge of a business gets you down. However, the key is to keep on going. Just like this company has shown continuous effort to succeed, it is vital for a business to keep on going without letup. Any business is likely to face ups and downs as they continue to expand. The important thing to keep in mind is that you are doing everything for the customer. Grande Air Solutions is an excellent example of a company that has put its customers first. It is their top priority to deliver quality AC repair, installations, and other HVAC services. Rest assured that the future looks bright for the company as it holds a special place for the residents of Austin, Texas, and nearby communities. 

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The Inferiority of Digital Court Reporting: A Comparative Analysis with Computerized Stenography



Digital Court Reporting


The advent of digital technology has changed numerous industries, legal services being one of them. Court reporting, an essential part of the legal system, is the meticulous process of recording verbatim what is said in courtrooms, depositions, and other legal proceedings. This task has been traditionally executed through stenography, using a chorded keyboard known as a stenotype machine. However, the rise of digital court reporting has led to intense debates within the legal community.

A number of companies such as Veritext, US Legal Support, and Stenograph, under the umbrella of the Speech-to-Text Institute (STTI), argue that the stenographer shortage is insurmountable, thereby advocating for the adoption of digital court reporting.

Contrary to this stance, there is significant pushback against this narrative. Critical investigations, like those conducted via the Stenonymous blog, have exposed some of the deceitful tactics and invalid arguments made in favor of digital court reporting. This article seeks to outline the reasons why digital court reporting is, in fact, an inferior method compared to modern computerized stenography.

Security Concerns

One of the most significant concerns with digital court reporting is the potential for security breaches. The technology’s inherent nature creates a potential incentive for misuse of sensitive data, especially when transcribing work is delegated to low-paid digital court reporters. The low compensation might incentivize some workers to sell the sensitive data they handle.

More importantly, the shift to digital court reporting could lead to an outsourcing of transcribing tasks to foreign countries. In such a scenario, subpoenaing these foreign transcribers to verify the accuracy of transcripts or investigate suspected tampering becomes extremely challenging, if not impossible. On the other hand, local stenographers can be easily summoned to testify about the accuracy of their records, enhancing the reliability of the legal process.

Efficiency Gap

Stenography, by design, is a highly efficient method of court reporting. A skilled stenographer can take down testimony at speeds exceeding 225 words per minute (WPM), translating these notes largely automatically through computer software.

This system is remarkably faster than digital court reporting, where transcription is often done via a standard QWERTY keyboard, requiring the transcriber to listen to the audio repeatedly.

In comparison, digital court reporting can be up to six times slower due to the time needed to replay the audio. As a result, the turnaround time for transcripts can be significantly prolonged. There have been reported cases where litigants had to wait for up to two months to receive their transcripts, a duration that could have critical implications on the progress of a case.


Digital court reporting, although seemingly modern and technologically advanced, falls short of the efficiency and security offered by computerized stenography. The inherent risks associated with data security and the inefficiency of the process suggest that it may not be a viable solution to the perceived stenographer shortage.

Instead, efforts should be directed towards training more stenographers and improving the technology supporting stenotype transcription. These efforts would not only maintain the integrity of the court reporting process but also secure the jobs of professional stenographers, preserving a vital part of our legal ecosystem.

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Interview with Alex Haussmann: The Anti-Deepfake Pioneer



Interview with Alex Haussmann: The Anti-Deepfake Pioneer

In a world rapidly becoming complicated by deepfakes, Alex Haussmann stands at the forefront of efforts to ensure the authenticity of online interactions. His unique device, the Anti-Deepfake Headset, has sparked much discussion and intrigue. We had the opportunity to speak with him about his innovative solution.

Can you explain the basic principle behind how your device differentiates between deepfakes and real faces? How does it technically work?

Alex Haussmann: The Anti-Deepfake Headset operates on a fascinating principle. It doesn’t quite differentiate between deepfakes and real faces, but rather, it provides a proof of authenticity. This is done by placing specialized lenses in front of the user’s face. These lenses create a unique visual effect that, as of now, artificial intelligence struggles to replicate. By doing so, the user is given a tool to demonstrate their authenticity, a real-time proof that they are indeed a human and not a deepfake.

How effective is your device in identifying deepfakes?

Alex Haussmann: It’s essential to clarify that the headset doesn’t identify deepfakes. It provides a way for individuals to verify their own authenticity, to assert that they are not deepfakes. In terms of this functionality, the device has proven 100% effective so far. It’s a step towards empowering users in a deepfake-plagued digital landscape.

Are you looking to develop your solution further with possibly a factory-produced product?

Alex Haussmann: Absolutely. The vision is to take this solution beyond its current state and make it widely available. I am actively seeking partners to license the technology and help in the production process. The goal is to have a factory-produced product that can reach a broader audience and provide a tool against deepfakes on a larger scale.

You’ve received some skepticism around your product. How would you comment on that?

Alex Haussmann: Indeed, skepticism has been a part of this journey. I believe it stems from a lack of full understanding of the product’s value and importance. Deepfakes are a novel problem, and novel problems require novel solutions. Our headset provides a unique solution to an increasingly relevant problem. Once people grasp the scale and urgency of the deepfake issue, I’m confident they’ll see the value of the Anti-Deepfake Headset.

Anything else you’d like to share with us today?

Alex Haussmann: I’d like to emphasize that we’re swiftly moving towards a world where the distinction between fiction and reality could become increasingly blurred. The rise of deepfakes is a testament to this fact. It is crucial that we take proactive measures to counter such phenomena. The Anti-Deepfake Headset is a step in that direction, and we’re committed to refining and improving it to meet the evolving challenges head-on

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