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Want to Grow Your Business? Here are 5 Marketing Tactics to Accelerate Your Business Growth



In this digital era, growing a business isn’t a piece of cake. You can have the best products in the market but not getting to your target audience through the right channel can leave you at loss. Nowadays, it’s all about how a business markets itself by using effective marketing strategies to approach its target audience. You need to stand out from the crowded market and have a competitive advantage over your competitors.

Businesses around the globe understand the importance of digital marketing and are heavily investing in it. If you want your business to grow at a faster pace, it’s high time to invest in effective marketing strategies to boost your business growth. Here are a few marketing strategies that can do wonders for your business irrespective of its size.

Marketing strategy

1. Use Social Media Marketing

As the name indicates, social media marketing makes use of social media platforms and channels to market your products and services to your potential customers. It is one of the highly effective marketing channels due to the growing use and dependence on social media of users. For instance, sites like Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok, etc, are commonly used by businesses to execute social media marketing.

Social media marketing helps businesses to communicate with their audience in a more effective way and provide them with a genuine connection. In addition, it provides a more targeted approach to your customers by using customer data and improving the customer experience service with every visit. Moreover, it also allows your customers to give their honest feedback and help your business to improve the customer experience and in turn, bring in more loyal clients.

2. Invest in Video Marketing

Youtube is the second most popular search engine after Google has approximately 2.6 billion users. Seeing the numbers and not using them to your advantage can only bring loss to your business, knowing that most of your target customers will be there. Using the platform for making quality short-form videos can help you not only reach your target audience but also convert them into sales.

Video marketing facts
Source: The Marketing Trends of 2022 [New Data] (

In general, people prefer informative short-term videos to watch instead of reading a block of text on the same topic. The reason behind this is, that videos are easy to consume and retain in memory for longer than a simple text. By posting creative, short-form, and valuable videos, you can not only boost your followers but also sales. In addition, you can invest in an email copywriting service to fully customize the emails that you send to your subscribers daily and reduce the extra burden off your shoulders.

If your brand is about clothing, you can make a short and trendy video on ‘summer outfits to upgrade your style’ and help your audience see how your product line can add value in the ongoing season to their life. This will make your audience interested in your business by showing how your brand can make a difference for them.

3. Learn And Use SEO the Right Way

Search engine optimization ( SEO) can unleash tremendous results for businesses if used rightly. It is the most cost-effective way for businesses to reach their target audience and generate leads. The reason why SEO has created a buzz in the business sector is that it improves site visibility in the search engine and improves its ranking. As a result, more organic traffic directs to your business website.

Seeking professional help from SEO experts can give you a competitive advantage and boost your credibility in the search engine. According to a survey, 73% of users do not even go to the second page of a search engine to find what they want. They prefer the top results on the first page of the search engine. The SEO experts will optimize the content of your business website and improve the user experience, so Google can improve its ranking and hence, the influx of organic traffic.

Similarly, using local SEO optimization can help the target audience that lives nearby, to find you easily. SEO makes you accessible and credible to your potential customers and helps to boost sales.

Online influencer

4. Use Influencer Marketing Wisely

Influencers are people who are experts and know how to engage their followers well. They already have an audience that finds their content interesting, engaging, and valuable. Influencers use social media platforms to engage with their audience. Through influencer marketing, you can increase the brand awareness and credibility of your brand. Collaborate with influencers for paid partnership and gain genuine followers.

You don’t necessarily have to hire a celebrity for this purpose. That will cost your growing business more. However, you can hire micro-influencers who have thousands of followers and connect with their audience to promote your brand.

5. Go for Sales Promotion

Another effective marketing strategy for business growth is introducing sales promotion in your business. Nothing attracts a customer more than discounts, promotions, etc, where they can get value for their money. Use social media platforms, advertisements, leaflets, flyers,  etc, to spread the word before launching sales. This will help to inform your target audience and keep them updated throughout.

Sales promotion not only brings in profit but also tends to add value to your customer’s experience. Customers feel accomplished getting more quality products and services for less money than usual. It improves your brand reputation and customer experience. Most brands take the email and phone numbers of customers and keep them informed of next upcoming sales and promotions through push notifications. This allows you to have personalized marketing and yield more profit.

Marketing team discussing marketing strategy

The Bottom Line

Hence, businesses can use these marketing strategies to their advantage and bring in more sales. Effective marketing channels will help businesses to align sales and marketing objectives so they can be more productive. In addition, it will help them to bring sustainable business growth to yield fruitful results not just in the present but also in what the future holds.


Eight Types of Company Missions These Entrepreneurs Think Are Vastly Overrated



What’s one example of a common company mission that you think is overrated, and why? What should replace it?

Company mission

These answers are provided by Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC), an invite-only organization comprised of the world’s most successful young entrepreneurs. YEC members represent nearly every industry, generate billions of dollars in revenue each year, and have created tens of thousands of jobs. Learn more at

1. Statements That Mention Being the ‘Best’

The missions that correspond to being the “best” are generic and overrated. Being the best there is at what you do is the pinnacle of success. If you get there, what’s next? Businesses don’t grow when they pursue excellence. They grow by making mistakes, learning from experiences and doing better next time. So, seeking continuous improvement can be a good replacement.

Jared Atchison, WPForms

2. Missions That Aren’t Measurable

Generally speaking, any mission statement that isn’t measurable can cause problems for your business. If you can’t track your progress, your statement is nothing more than words on paper (or a screen). People are more willing to get behind mission statements that focus on tangible long-term goals or aspirations.

John Brackett, Smash Balloon LLC

3. Statements That Could Apply to Any Company

Many mission statements contain generic terms that could apply to almost anyone. A common example is “We provide the highest quality service,” which is an admirable goal but doesn’t really tell you anything about what they stand for or how they deliver it. Terms such as “integrity,” “excellence” and “industry leaders” are similar. It’s better to pinpoint something more specific that you deliver.

Kalin Kassabov, ProTexting

4. Phrases About Pursuing Excellence

“We pursue excellence” is generic and overrated — not to mention, the definition of achieving excellence may vary from one person to another. What will be the metric for achieving excellence? No one knows, as not everyone in your company is on the same page. So, replacing this mission with measurable indicators like sign-ups, conversions and other growth metrics would be a good idea.

Stephanie Wells, Formidable Forms

Developing mission statement

5. Missions That Mention ‘Social Impact’

Many companies use the phrase “social impact” in their mission statement, but the impact is rarely evident. For example, a clothing store may mention that it is committed to helping women in poverty, but it will still charge the same amount for its T-shirts. Instead of writing a mission statement, a company should inform customers about how they are helping the world.

Vikas Agrawal, Infobrandz

6. Missions That Call for Perfection

Nothing is perfect! I’d rather see a mission that pushes others to embrace imperfection and to strive harder to be better every day, knowing that there is such a thing as a bad day. The best thing we can do is to stop aiming for perfection and just be better than yesterday.

Daisy Jing, Banish

7. Statements That Don’t Mention Your Industry or Purpose

I think mission statements that don’t directly mention your industry or what your business does can do more harm than good. Failure to mention these details makes your message seem more like a fluff piece than an actual long-term goal for your brand. Instead, brand leaders should focus specifically on how their company will help the industry evolve.

John Turner, SeedProd LLC

8. Missions That Lack Connection

Companies should be able to use their mission statement to connect with their target audience. However, I have seen a lot of companies create mission statements that are too broad and generic. For example, “Helping businesses grow” is far too generic and does not connect with anyone. However, if it was “Helping small businesses grow with our marketing services,” it would connect better.

Sujay Pawar, Astra

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Want to Start a Business? Read This First for a Reality Check!



Are you going to start a business and looking for some ideas and tips? Well, you are reading the right blog post, as I will tell you what you might not want to hear, but at the same time, I will give you some reasons why you want to start a business you love – with the right mindset.

Thinking entrepreneur

I’ve heard some cynical comments about entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship; one comment says that entrepreneurs are, well, becoming one because they simply can’t get a real job. Another one says that entrepreneurs are a group of people who use their parents and/or everyone else’s money to start a business and have fun with it without thinking of returning any of it.

Some say that entrepreneurship is easy – just get a product people want and sell it for a profit. Right. Some say that entrepreneurship is overrated – you won’t make more than a decent paid job. Right.

It’s sad, really… those naysayer just don’t realise that entrepreneurs and small business are two of the most prominent factors that make the economy moving. Just ask the mentors and experts about what a community could do if small business is not supported by the Government: Crippled. Then the butterfly effect kicks in, and eventually the whole economy of a nation is brought down just because investors, entrepreneurs and business owners are not well-supported.

Yet successful entrepreneurs thrive despite all the unfavourable policies, the naysayer’s boos and jeers, and the non-supportive friends and family, who laugh at their ideas of starting a business out of their garage.

If you are considering entrepreneurship, are you ready for such pressure? You will somehow face people who question your decision jumping into the entrepreneurship bandwagon. The worse part is, those who doubt you often your closest ones – your spouse, your parents, your friends…

Are you ready?

Startups are not for the faint-hearted

We can’t deny the fact that many startups are bound to fail. Well, did you know why many startups fail? There are thousands of reasons, but one of the reasons that I think as the main cause of startup failures is false hopes.

If you are thinking of running a business as traveling all over the world at will, riding a limo sipping champagne, or doing whatever you like in your pajamas or swimming suit – I apologise, but I need to pop your balloon.

Stop dreaming. Start looking into the reality. Entrepreneurship is not easy and if you don’t have what it takes to get a business launched and navigate your vessel through the storm, you’d better get a job.

Entrepreneurship requires to be able to juggle and decide on many things: Balancing your work-life; deciding from many strategic options; choosing between a list of suppliers; and so on. Initially, you need to be able to wear many “hats” – bookkeeping/administrative, marketing, development, production, procurement, and so on.

You need to be open-minded and be prepared for open-ended outcome of your decisions; you need to be ready for any circumstances requiring you to re-focus and re-strategise in the middle of your plan.

And those perks you are having while working for a boss, you don’t have them when you are an entrepreneur: Paid leave, managed retirement planning, and so on. You are literally on your own, supporting yourself with your own resources.

Whether you are a solopreneur or the owner of multi-business ventures employing thousands of staffs while running yours while having fun doing so (like what Sir Branson is doing,) “hard work,” “perseverance” and “delayed gratification” are three of the main “keywords” defining all what entrepreneurs are doing.

Indeed, entrepreneurs are hard worker and passionate about their business. What keep them going is their passion for what they do and their love for everything entrepreneurship, starting up and business ownership.

Entrepreneur dealing with self-doubt
photo credit: Andrea Piacquadio / Pexels

If startup is so difficult, why people are doing it?

Yes, this question is asked by many who are interested in entrepreneurship. This question might be your question.

It’s a fair question: With all the hurdles you need to take on if you are plunging yourself into entrepreneurship, why bother starting up?

There are many answers, but if you asked me, my answer would be this: I love this game.

I love the search of business ideas. I love the many sleepless nights working on my business to see it grows steadily. I love the possibility for me to create something useful for the community – while giving me the lifestyle and financial independent I want for my family. I love the ups and downs of running a business – sure, failing sucks, but I can learn a great deal from it personally and professionally.

I wouldn’t trade what I am doing right now (work at home, surrounded by the people I love) with any high-paying jobs requiring me to work 12 hours a day or more; I love the freedom money can’t buy. I love a business that is built around my lifestyle, not the other way around.

Of course, I don’t love ALL aspects of my business: I don’t fancy the back office operations – bookkeeping, administrative and so on – but you can always hire someone competent to do those for you 🙂


Indeed, entrepreneurship is one of the most risky careers of all. Well, if you want safety and security, just get a job. But if you love the unknowns and embrace risks, entrepreneurship is a path worth walking; it’s rewarding in every sense – financially and emotionally.

So, now you know some facts about entrepreneurship. I do hope you can start a business with the right mindset; I also hope you start your journey with humility; being passionate without arrogance; taking calculated risks, not gambling; eagerness to help others when you have finally reached the top; acknowledging the fact that without God and those people around you – friends, family, fellow entrepreneurs, mentors, investors, etc. – you won’t go far.

Dream big. Start small. Just do it, seriously!

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Measuring the Health of Your Personal Finances



Measuring the health of your personal finances can be as simple as evaluating four simple parts about your personal finances including the way that your money is spent and the methods that you are employing to prepare yourself for the future. Use these aspects to take an evaluation of your personal finance situations and begin to learn the techniques required to up the health of your personal finances.

Borrow money

How Much do you Owe?

It is important to determine how much money that you owe in debts. The importance of the total number is sometimes surpassed by the interest rates and terms at which the debt has been accumulated. Are you facing a cycle of debt living paycheck to paycheck and using additional sources of credit to repay outstanding debts? It is important to take a plan to get out of the cycle of debt; if you have found yourself becoming overwhelmed.

Establishing a solid repayment plan that includes fifteen percent of the income, every single month to the debts in the order of most expensive to least expensive is techniques that all debtors should take into account.

Are You Living Paycheck to Paycheck?

Are you unable to find room within the budget to establish a savings account and find all of your money being spent before it reaches your pocketbook? If so, than you are more than likely one of the thousands of consumers that are living paycheck to paycheck – and this is an unhealthy indicator of your finances.

Attack your debt with a solid plan and find ways to increase your income to establish a savings account to increase the health of your finances. Use strict budgeting skills for at least one month to establish a little wiggle room in the personal financial situation and get out of the trap of living paycheck to paycheck.

Impulsive shopping is bad spending habit

Are You Spending More than You Earn?

Living outside or above your means can often be an indicator that sometime in the future the finances will be in jeopardy. When a consumer spends more than they make, this money must come from somewhere. Many people use credit to cover the shortfalls in income, which can lead to drastic mistakes being made in the finances and debt being accumulated faster than the consumer realizes. One day, many consumers wake up and realize that they are shocked to living within their means as they have run out of credit.

Go over your finances and create a budget that allows you to spend less than you earn to increase your financial health.

Have you Established a Savings Account?

An emergency fund or savings account is an essential part of the health of your finances as it in part determines the security of your future.

A savings account should be established with at least ten percent of the income every single month, which should be deposited into a high interest savings account. This money can provide an alternative to credit card use and earn money rather than charging the consumer money through the use of expensive credit cards.

Experts recommend that individuals and families have three to six months of expenses saved within the emergency fund to become truly financially healthy. Does this inspire to you start saving?

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