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Life Insurance for Diabetics: Qualifying, Applying and Reducing Costs 



Diabetes is a complex illness. Given its systemic nature, it affects the whole body. If you’re dealing with it yourself, you know better than anyone that there’s a plethora of lifestyle changes you must make in order to ensure your health is within optimal parameters. While it’s important for everyone to look after themselves, watch what they eat and get regular exercise, you must be all the more careful.

When you have diabetics, mistakes and changes to the usual routine have the potential to range from mildly uncomfortable to downright life-threatening, so it’s always good to stay on the safe side of things.

Diabetic measurement tools
photo credit: Towfiqu Barbhuiya / Unsplash

Just because you’re dealing with a disorder doesn’t mean you don’t have equal prerogatives. For example, like many other people, you may be considering getting life insurance. You’ve probably also heard about the struggles patients with pre-existing conditions face when trying to apply and obtain insurance.

Nevertheless, it wouldn’t be correct to assume that having diabetes automatically disqualifies you from the program. Here are some of the things you should have in mind.


When it comes to applying for life insurance as a diabetic, timing is everything. If you’ve already got insurance before you developed symptoms, you don’t have to worry about it, any coverage you have remains intact. However, you should inform the provider of your diagnosis. Failure to do so can fall under the category of life insurance fraud. The penalty can consist of immediate annulment of your insurance policy, typically with no refunds.

If you’ve developed diabetes and are looking to get insurance, the best course of action is to wait until your condition is under control. This guarantees you’re more likely to qualify and may even be able to bypass the extra fees associated with pre-existing conditions. The healthier you are, the easier it is to find an indemnity package that suits you. For instance, if your medical exam results show stable blood glucose levels for an entire year, you’re more likely to be offered better coverage options and be subjected to overall lower fees.

Your lifestyle is just as important a factor. If you’re obese or smoke, it can be considered an additional risk. Diabetes also increases your risk of a plethora of other conditions, making you more susceptible to stroke, vision impairment or loss, neuropathy, heart disease, hypertension and even amputation. So, while there are general rules that apply to everyone, your medical history will be judged individually.


If you’ve decided to apply, you need to choose between the types of insurance available to you as a diabetic. These include:

  • Term and permanent life insurance: If your disorder is well-managed, you can qualify for either of the two options. The former is more affordable and provides coverage within only a predetermined number of years, while the latter covers the whole life.
  • Final expense: Policies such as this one are used to help pay for medical bills and other end-of-life expenses.
  • Simplified issue: This is the ideal option if you find diabetes to be a major impediment in your pursuit of getting insurance. A simplified issue policy allows you to apply by completing a health survey and answering medically-related questions. There’s no need for an additional medical exam, so if you know that you’re in good shape overall, this is the ideal solution.
  • Guaranteed issue: This type of coverage is typically more expensive, but there’s no risk of your being disqualified due to health problems. This is even an appropriate alternative if you’re struggling to keep your diabetes under control.

As a general rule, you should try and prioritize your health as much as possible in the period before heading out to complete forms and choose the insurance plan you want. There are some things you cannot control, such as family medical history, but there are also many other things that are 100% up to you. High-risk behaviors and hobbies such as parachuting, rock climbing or motorcycle racing can be a spot on your record and cause you to get less than favorable outcomes.

If you smoke, quitting will make a great difference. Not only is it bad for your health, the insurance company you choose is also less likely to offer you a good deal and package. Alcohol intake is in the same category, with the amount you drink on average a very important factor in determining whether or not your application will be successful. You should also make sure you drive as carefully as possible.

Multiple violations (whether failures to signal, disobeying traffic regulations, texting and driving or following another driver too closely) are instantly going to put you in the high-risk category in the eyes of your insurer.

Life insurance beneficiary

Reduce costs

Getting a physical examination and undergoing a few tests are mandatory when you want to get life insurance. In the months prior you should try and keep your health in perfect order. Your weight, blood pressure and glucose levels are very important. If they’re not optimal, it can mean there will be delays in the application process. If everything turns out great, you’ll be able to get a great insurance plan.

When your condition is under control and you fit within favorable parameters, your health records will show a higher rating. This is very important in determining the price you’re going to pay.

The best way to ensure you get the best deal available on the market is to take care of your health in the long-term. It’s important to maintain the same fitness levels even after you’ve achieved your goal. When you’re struggling with diabetes, keeping an eye out for your health is vital. Take up exercise if you don’t already have a workout routine in place. You don’t have to do something very strenuous, especially if you’re not used to a lot of physical effort, biking, swimming and a bit of Yoga will do just fine.

Chris Stocker with Diabetes Life Solutions notes “for those individuals that use FitBit devices or other apps to monitor your activity, you may be rewarded with discounted premiums.  Certain life insurance providers may offer 6% to 9% discounts to those people who are active and agree to share their data from their wearable devices with them.  This is a great way to save on the cost of premiums over the duration of the policy.”

You can also request help from an independent life insurance agent. They can assist you in finding the best options available on the market. The independent quality means they’re not going to try and steer you towards a particular company for the sole purpose of getting more prospective clients to join.

Getting life insurance as a diabetic can be a challenging experience. But if you take care of yourself properly, you’ll be able to snag a good life protection package.


The Worst Mistakes that a Vacation Rental Business Can Make



There’s no doubt about the profitability that well-run and well-managed vacation rental businesses have. However, a new vacation rental business owner may make some mistakes, which can be costly in the long run.

In this post, we’ll take you through all those mistakes, so you can steer clear of them and guide your business towards success.

Vacation rental property

1. No dynamic pricing

One of the most challenging aspects of a vacation rental business is to set the pricing. The simplest thing to do is to break the pricing down into peak season prices, i.e. higher prices owing to higher demand, and off-season prices, i.e. lower prices owing to lower demand. However, dynamic pricing makes for the better choice.

Sure, to implement a dynamic pricing mechanism, you need sophisticated tech, which needs investing in. However, if you do, you can fix rates based on various factors like availability, demand, and local events. There are some services that provide dynamic pricing expertise as well such as PriceMethod and Smart Host.

2. Listing on just one or two platforms

You want your vacation rental business to be found by your target audience, right? If the answer is yes, you can’t afford to list your business on just one or two platforms. Sure, you should target listings on the best online travel agents (OTAs). However, just because you secured a listing on Airbnb and HomeAway doesn’t mean that your job is done.

Ideally, you should get your business listed on smaller platforms as well. Sure, the smaller platforms may not command huge audiences like HomeAway and Airbnb. However, they can go a long way towards increasing the exposure of your business.

3. Lack of quality photos

You’d be doing a disservice to your prospective guests if you don’t provide them with high-quality photos of your property. It’s important to remember that the best vacation rental businesses are hiring professional photographers and videographers. So, you can’t afford to upload photos you captured on your phone camera.

You should have multiple photos of every room from a variety of angles. Also, if your vacation rental business is located somewhere scenic, take some nice photos of the views as well. Your property photos should also be honest – don’t try putting filters on them to enhance their appearance. Ultimately, when guests do arrive, they’ll find out what the real deal is, so there’s no point in faking things.

Vacation rental property

4. Insufficient facilities and amenities

Even if your vacation rental business caters to a low-budget audience, it can’t be missing basic facilities and amenities. For instance, free Wi-Fi is something that guests (irrespective of their budgets) take for granted these days. However, if they turn up at your place and find out that there’s no Wi-Fi, there’s no way that they’re going to forgive you.

Also, take into account the facilities that your guests might want depending on the climate of your location. For instance, if your vacation rental business is situated in a cold region, you have to provide heating. On the other hand, if it’s really hot and humid in your location, cooling and/or air-conditioning should be provided.

5. Poor hospitality

Your vacation rental may be loaded with the best facilities, but if you don’t pay attention to how you’re hosting your guests, those facilities will count for nothing. Remember, at the end of the day, what your guests really want is to be treated well. So, if you’re running your vacation rental business by yourself, always wear a smile and try to accommodate your guests’ wants.

If you’re employing others to take care of the hospitality part, invest in training them. Also, pay them well. Quite simply, if they’re well-remunerated, your vacation rental staff will be happy, and happy hosts will always be able to take care of your guests properly.

6. Lack of maintenance

A vacation rental business that isn’t well-maintained is bound to end in failure. Think about it – would your guests like it if they arrived and found problems in the plumbing? No, right? So, maintain every aspect of your vacation rental. If a bed is damaged, get it repaired or replace it without giving it a second thought. The point is to offer your guests as much comfort as possible.

Regular maintenance can also prevent severe damage to your property, which tends to be more expensive to repair than repairing things as soon as you find something problematic. So, maintain your property, and the money you spend in maintaining it will come back to you several times over.

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4 Tips to Improve Your Management Skills  



A team is only as strong as its weakest link.

And if the weak link is a team manager, it’s a setup that will dismantle success before it starts.

But a strong and well-respected manager can help teams cooperate, thrive and drive results on an individual and collective level. If you’re looking to become a better manager with the skills to mobilise your team, these are just four tips to take your leadership talents to the next level.

Manager communicating with the team member

1. Encourage communication

Too many managers spend their time wondering why their staff aren’t satisfied.

But in reality, the best way to find out what your team needs is simply to ask. Make regular check-ins a part of your routine as a manager, and foster a culture in which people feel they can come to you with any issues they may be facing.

Remember too that as a manager, there will often be elements affecting an employee’s work life that are out of your control as well as theirs. In these situations, remain professional but supportive and offer to help find solutions as best you can.

Equally, as a manager you should also be amenable to feedback and able to take constructive criticism as an opportunity to improve your own leadership abilities.

2. Get your hiring right

Recruitment isn’t just about hiring people with the right skills – it’s also about who is a good fit for the team.

Start by filtering out those with the professional skills you need – hiring softwares like Oleeo will help you narrow down the applicants to find the best of the best. From there, you can start your preliminary interview process, where you’ll get a feel for the candidate’s personality to gauge whether they’ll get along with the team and uphold the culture of your company.

Give praise to employees

3. Deliver praise

Everyone likes to be recognised for their achievements, and a good manager knows the value of delivering praise when it’s deserved.

You don’t have to make a fuss. A simple thank you for a job well done lets your staff know that you value their skills and abilities. People won’t go the extra mile if they don’t think it’s worth their while, but if they know that their hard work will be appreciated, they’ll be far more willing to go that bit further.

4. Share responsibility

As a manager, delegation is crucial to ensure that work is completed in a timely fashion by those with the appropriate skills.

And sharing that responsibility also enables your staff to feel trusted and respected, and gives them opportunities to develop and try new things.

Ensure when giving new tasks to team members that they have adequate support in place to make the best of their duties, but don’t be afraid to give them a little space too in order to build their confidence.

Looking for ways to support your team and become a better manager? These are just a few tips to help you hone your leadership skills.

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The Extensive Role of SEO in Online Marketing



Many assume that search engine optimization is about improving their site’s rankings in search engine results, even though they need to gain more knowledge of how it works. However, effective SEO in San Diego entails much more than that.

Outstanding SEO should function as a component of your company’s online marketing initiatives to increase brand visibility, draw visitors to your website, boost conversion rates, and enhance your brand’s reputation online.

SEO procedure changes

Modern SEO Marketing Analysis

When you work with a San Diego SEO business, you receive quick access to some cutting-edge tools. We have the advanced tools your business needs to acquire a competitive edge in the online environment of today, ranging from high-quality onsite SEO tools to a variety of resources for link building and thorough keyword research and analysis.

Today, it is impossible to overstate the value of SEO. Hire a reliable SEO business that provides high-caliber SEO services with demonstrable outcomes.

Social media networking

Activity in Social Networks

How can social media help SEO?

  • Local Facebook advertising will benefit the business in some way. However, it will also assist you in attracting high-quality visitors to your website. Launch contextual advertising campaigns, link in posts on your brand page, and post about your company in groups or on related topics;
  • It’s simple to promote locally on Instagram. In publications, you may frequently notice how firms indicate their location. The location where the photo was captured may sometimes be incorrect. The target audience is typically located in some form of an area. You can also increase the appropriate traffic with this method;
  • Local YouTube promotion is a different story. This social media site frequently suggests films to users based on their current location. The social media network also creates a list of trends, or the most popular videos in the area, based on the user’s server. Consequently, if you choose to maintain a YouTube channel, you should make a financial commitment to contextual advertising campaigns.

Google local listing

Local SEO

Firstly, Search Engine Optimization is the process of making your company look out in search results on Google or Bing. Regardless of the industry, it is a digital marketing strategy that offers San Diego firms the biggest return on investment. In this article, we invite you to explore critically important local keywords for your local SEO in San Diego:

  • Healthcare. Excellent regional healthcare is available to San Diego residents. A robust healthcare system in Southern California includes urgent care centers, pharmacies, and private clinics. Your healthcare website should be optimized for local search engines (SEO) to ensure it gets seen as far as possible;
  • Fintech. San Diego’s fintech businesses should be aware that locals want to use financial services close to where they are. Importance of convenience is fundamental. You must ensure that your website explains to people in San Diego the kinds of fintech services you offer, how these services match their demands, and why they should consider working with you.

Additionally, professional service firms can greatly benefit from SEO website optimization. For instance, someone seeking an accountant in San Diego is likely to type “accountants San Diego” or “accountants nearby” into their search engine. You are taking advantage of the chance to turn high-quality leads into sales if your listing appears low on their search results.

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