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Justice J. Mitchell vs Adversity



Justice J. Mitchell vs Adversity

It was a cool Saturday afternoon on Saturday, October 3rd, 2020 at HOOPSCITY (now known as HCBG Tournaments)

Fall basketball tournament at Raleigh Christian Academy in Raleigh North Carolina;with 1 min and 56 seconds left in the game (1:56) Justice Mitchell was playing for Kings Of Clayton AAU basketball team. Justice was having one of his regular dominant performances for the Kings Of Clayton.

Kings Of Clayton

He blocked (3) shots, grabbing multiple (6) offensive and (9) defensive rebounds, (3) steals, and (3) assists. However, something life-changing happened to him at the previously mentioned 1:56 mark of the game during another great defensive play where he was about to pick up his third (3) block on the opponents players; denying them the bucket. Justice jumped and successfully defended his basket but landed awkwardly on his left leg. He was carried off the court as he was unable to walk on his own and with his left knee being visibly swollen. Justice. In pain – Justice wanted to remain on the sideline and watch the remainder of the game. Justice left the game with 17 points. Before his injury, Justice was a beast on the court. Justice had a shooting ability as a shooting guard, his handles were remarkable for his height and, most impressively, especially for a young man his age. His perseverance, basketball IQ, coupled with and unrivaled love and passion for the game, made him a force to be reconned with on the court. 

Highlight Link to the game where Justice played and was injured:

Justice J. Mitchell – Injured | Source of image (

Justice stood in middle school (Riverwood Middle School) at 5’10″ but this did not force him to the center position, as his middle school coach, Ryan Rudisill, recognized that the ball-handling, vision, basketball IQ and shooting ability of Justice was better served to the Small Forward position. 

Immediately following his injury Justice was taken to the local hospital, and it was there where he got the bad news. He had, by the words of a doctor who informed Justice’s parents Simone & Katie Mitchell that Justice had shredded his ACL and torn his MCL in a miracle location which was easy to repair. Justice’s original doctor told him things that would sustain him in bed for months, but after consultation with a second doctor, based on the recommendation of a family friend, (Henry Smith) a much more optimistic prognosis was set forward. This is why Justice went to see Doctor Joseph U. Barker who was a board certified-fellowship and a trained orthopaedic surgeon in sports medicine. Doctor Barker is the team physician for the Carolina Hurricanes, and is an expert in sports related injuries. Dr. Barker scheduled Justice’s knee surgery for Tuesday, November 03rd, 2020.

That day, Sunday, October 4th, 2020, instead of celebrating with his team mates for winning yet another AAU tournament, and being named MVP, he spent the night at home uncertain of his future.

On Tuesday, November 3rd, after his surgery Dr. Joseph U. Barker, MD

Dr. Joseph U. Barker | Source of image (

said he wanted Justice in rehab as soon as possible and walking on his leg, based on new cutting-edge studies that suggest being mobile helps injuries, like the one Justice sustained, heal much faster. Doctor Barker also recommended that Justice utilize a brace during his freshman year of High School basketball as a precaution. Justice was deeply disturbed emotionally knowing that he would miss out on scheduled college basketball camps. He was determined to join his piers in high school and play basketball when he went back. 

On November 05th, 2020 Justice started recovering from his surgery by attending his first day of rehabilitation. His father Simone, and mother Katie who was with him through out his journey, said that Justice was determined more than ever to return from this injury, and return to be an even better basketball player than he was before. His doctors and rehab technician were amazed at how fast his recovery was coming along. Justice was determined to be ready for the 2021-2022 basketball season so he would rehab 3x a week with physicians and come home and rehab with both of his parents. On the days he didn’t have a scheduled rehabilitation visit he would do the pre-scripted exercises with his father in a pool and at times other exercises with his mother. His parents were so determined in supporting their son, that they managed to source some of the same equipment the rehab center used, so he could have an easier time doing his exercises. After seeing Justice continuing in his rehabilitation for months consistently, it was then that his parents knew that they had a determined champion, and that justice was not going to let a little speed-bump on his road to greatness stop him dead in his tracks. He would recover and he would become stronger and better than ever. Justice knew that he had to return to basketball again. The injury, and being away from the game for so long, took a toll on his mental health. He knew for a fact, like normal people know the sun will rise in the morning, that he would play basketball again, and that he would return from his injury stronger than before! Justice is only human, and as with all humans there was some doubt in him, which took a toll on him mentally, but he persisted, doing all the assigned physical therapy his doctors gave him, three days a week. 

Justice was determined to stay in shape during this time, hitting the gym regularly. He would do reps of weights as an upper body exercise and, when his leg got better, he would even do reps on the bike and the treadmill. Nothing in the world could stop him from coming back from his injury in time for high school basketball tryouts. 

So, he did, just a year after that Saturday in October when he almost lost his dream, he enrolled in high school and made his schools junior varsity and high school varsity team. But Justice is a loyal boy, and he is careful, he wanted to ease himself back into playing basketball under a man he trusted and respected. He decided to play on JV under coach Ryan Rudisill who transferred from Justice’s middle school (Riverwood) to Clayton High School.

Justice played under Coach Rudisill during the 2019-2020 Season.

Justice Under Coach Rudisill | Source of image (

Justice highlight video after ACL/MCL surgery.

Justice J. Mitchell vs Adversity

The biggest coup of his life was getting a scholarship offer from the prestigious Pennsylvania State University Greater Allegheny. Coach Daryn Freedman held a virtual clinic in which a student/athlete can submit basketball highlights; if a player was unable to attend the showcase. In October 2021 a submission of Justice’s highlights were submitted and on November 07th, 2021 Justice received a written scholarship offer from Coach Freedman at the Penn State University Greater Allegheny campus.

Note that after the 2021-2022 high school basketball season was over, Justice sustained another injury. On Wednesday, March 10th, 2021 Justice broke his right leg after coming down from a dunk. He went into surgery on Thursday,  March 11th, 2021 and was released from his doctors care on Tuesday, June 08th, 2021 with a full recovery. 

Justice continued his path to play JV and opted to play in a few Varsity games as well under Coach Everson Simmons also known as Coach E. Justice has completed his season under Coach Rudisill.

Justice Mitchell 24 points, 3 Blocks, 5 steals, 9 rebounds

Justice highlight video after ACL/MCL surgery.

Justice Mitchell now plays varsity basketball under Coach E during the 2022-2023 season. It shall be noted as of Friday, December 02nd, 2022 Justice Mitchell returned in action scoring 12 points against Pinecrest helping the Clayton Comets come back to win. It looks as if Justice is back!

Source of image (

Clayton Comets vs Pinecrest Patriots 12.02.22 Justice scored 12 points.

Author: Rami A. Gaši


Hollywood Photo Booth Covered Lori Harvey’s Birthday and Photos Are Now Taking over the Internet



Hollywood Photo Booth Covered Lori Harvey’s Birthday and Photos Are Now Taking over the Internet

Entrepreneur and model, Lori Harvey recently posted her Hollywood Photo Booth snaps on Instagram which are now the talk of the town.

Los Angeles, California – The American model and socialite, Lori Harvey recently turned 26 and celebrated the day with her boyfriend Damson Idris and friends. The star-studded birthday is now taking over the internet, thanks to her awe-inspiring photos with celebrities like Daniel Kaluuya, Offset, Hailey Bieber, and Kendall Jenner. The founder of SKN by LH shared the photos on her Instagram that are now being praised for their visual art.

Lori looked stunning in the snaps wearing a startling black lace skin tight, especially with the group. The birthday gal is posing with the gorgeous group including Lauren Perez, Justin Skye, Jenner, and Hailey Bieber while all dressed in black. The event was captured by Hollywood Photo Booth which is arguably the most popular photo booth among celebrities right now.

The quality of the photos tells us why the luxury photo booth is the go-to option for celebrities. The fact that People Mag published and praised Lori Harvey’s Birthday snaps solidifies the effectiveness of Hollywood Photo Booth’s work. The founder and president of Hollywood Photo Booth, Mike Tertoole is the main driving force of the company for over 26 years.

“We started our journey in 2006, and we are thrilled that  Hollywood Photo Booth is one of the most respected and recognized companies in the Luxury Photo Booth space,” said Mike. “We are fortunate to have a star studded roster of satisfied clients not just in Los Angeles, but other major cities across America. The demand for a quality luxury photo op has seen record increases year over year aside from covid, and we don’t expect it to change any time soon.”

Mike told us about the start-studded client list that includes celebs like Adam Sandler and LeBron James as well as big corporations. Hollywood Photo Booth’s portfolia reads like a Forbes Fortune 100 list and lists Disney,  Apple, Coca-Cola, Adidas, and Netflix as just a small sample of if its recent clients.. And the list does not end here as the company has also covered Grammys, Emmys, Critics Choice Awards, Comic-Con, and BET Awards.

“Most of the clients on our lists are celebrities and Fortune 100 companies and we go to lengths to satisfy them,” expressed Mike. “Our amenities include mobile photography activations, 360 video experience, photo mosaic walls, and a variety of photo booths which are widely used on occasions. We serve events all over the West Coast but our luxury Beauty Booth is popular among celebrities wherever they may be.”

Mike said that their state-of-the-art Hollywood Photo Booth is backed by exclusive, proprietary software. “We strive to capture flawless photos, but it’s our level of customization that has earned us a good name. Our beauty booths have been used by Heidi Klum, Charlize Theron, Maroon 5, and even the Kardashians. It has only gotten praise not to mention the millions of impressions and likes across social media channels.”

Talking about the future, Mike explained that the company is now ready to expand and break the barriers of the West Coast. . Hollywood Photo Booth is determined to reach a maximum number of social and Hollywood celebrities. The company is all set to add more glamor to grandeur events through its luxury photo booths.

About Hollywood Photo Booth:

Based in Los Angeles, California, the Hollywood Photo Booth is a luxury photo booth rental company. The corporation has been offering its services across the west coast since 2006. Hollywood Photo Booth provides awe-inspiring services to celebrities for events that get them in the limelight.

Media Contact

Company name: Hollywood Photo Booth

Contact person: Mike Tertoole

Contact number: 310-756-4098



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SOS Toilet, The Best Portable Toilet Rental Providers In Town



SOS Toilet, The Best Portable Toilet Rental Providers In Town

Portable toilets or porta-potties are a common sight at outdoor events in California. These are becoming popular as a convenient and sanitary solution for individuals in need of a restroom, especially during events. Recently, we talked with the CEO of SOS Toilet, the best portable toilet rental company in town.

We got the chance to explore this industry and find out more about porta-potty rentals.

What are portable toilets? Do we really need them?

SOS Toilet: Yes, portable toilets are a necessary service in many industries and events. These are self-contained units that provide temporary restroom facilities in locations where permanent restrooms are not available. They are easy to set up wherever and whenever you want whether for wedding events or festivals.

Portable Toilet Rental

Portable toilets are essential in remote locations or events where large crowds are expected. They provide a safe and convenient solution for individuals in need of a restroom. You can hire porta-potty rentals for places where sanitation facilities are limited. So you can not only ensure public health and sanitation but also keep the surrounding area clean and hygienic.

Are portable toilets reliable? How do they solve the sanitary issues for organizers?

SOS Toilet: Of course, porta-potties are a durable and reliable solution for event organizers. They are easy to maintain and provide a clean and safe environment for users. A good toilet rental company like SOS Toilet has dedicated staff that maintain and clean each unit to ensure they are sanitary for use.

Portable toilets are typically equipped with features such as flushing toilets, running water, and hand sanitizers. Thus, such a unit helps to maintain a high level of hygiene and reduces the spread of diseases. Some portable toilets are also equipped with advanced features such as hands-free flushing and touchless soap dispensers.

What environmental impacts do portable toilets have? Are they made of quality materials?

SOS Toilet: Portable toilets have some environmental impacts, but they are a more sustainable option. They don’t require any permanent infrastructure to be built and they use less water than traditional restrooms. This makes porta-potties a good option for areas where water is scarce. In terms of materials, most portable toilets are made of durable, high-quality materials.

Porta-potties are designed to withstand the rigors of outdoor use and weather. They are typically constructed of plastic or fiberglass whereas the tanks are made of either plastic or stainless steel. The use of good quality materials means they can withstand the chemicals used to clean them.

Coming to the waste problem, the waste is typically collected and transported to a waste treatment facility. Wastes are treated and disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.

How does SOS Toilet stand out?

SOS Toilet: What makes SOS Toilet stand out is our budget-friendly options for events of every size. We provide luxury porta-potty rentals for high-end outdoor venues, and construction site crews, as well as for emergencies. Our products are durable, sanitary, and practical but we also believe in providing a sense of luxury. That’s why we have earned a good name for providing luxury restroom rentals.

VIP Lavatory

SOS Toilet also has a subsidiary company, VIP Lavatory, that aims to meet sanitary needs at affordable rates with a high sanitary standard. You can hire their VIP portable restroom rental trailers for high-end parties, weddings, and upscale corporate events.
To read more about luxury rental toilets, please visit:

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Magnificent Clothing Brand Chefchaouen on the Fashion Trend



Magnificent Clothing Brand Chefchaouen on the Fashion Trend

The clothing you wear can create the first impression as the best impression in most instances. What would you choose between traditional and western attires? If you pick tradition, you will be a fan of this brand but if you choose Western, we have something interesting for you. Nowadays, determining tradition over western and simplicity over frills is difficult.

Besides, who wants to remain traditional and humble in a world striving for immense, stylish, and more costly things? Moreover, tradition should gain its importance and deserve to be embraced, if it adds purpose to people’s life.

Chefchaouen is a notable clothing brand launched in 2020 with the vision to eclectic the magnificence, simplicity, and elegance of Moroccan Thobes. With a mission to diversify the unique attire to bring out the beauty in the cultural pieces to your wardrobes. The brand targets the Muslim men community with a passion to preserve the tradition from the past decades to date.

The creators of Moroccan Thobe pay keen attention to the attire they design. As a key point, it is a handmade attire concerned with quality fabrics, unique design, health, individuality, and ethnicity.

The creators believe to convey the Chefchaouen as a fashion trend to spread the word all around the world. The main theme which is currently available comprises vibrant colors of off-white and jet-black Moroccan Thobe reflecting the technical values. The off-white attire can absorb less solar heat and retain the body at a suitable temperature during summer and the jet-black Moroccan Thobe absorbs sun heat while retaining a suitable body temperature in winter. Don’t you think they have the perfect solution based on the weather changes? Yes, you got my point!

The attire targets the audience to establish the brand for daily wear and not just the festival seasons. The thought behind the attire is to connect the men wearing it to the artistic traditions of their country and to help them find comfort and strength in the history of their people.

If you have a question, “Why should I explore the impressive design of Chefchaouen?” Well, that’s because the motto of the brand is to add value to men’s looks in a formal and professional look and build high standards.

Moreover, the fabrics for Moroccan Thobe are hand-picked consisting of a unique design of premium textiles. After all, Chefchaouen lacks mass production which is a perk creating demand and quality hand-made production.

The creators of the Chefchaouen had considered colors from an intelligent perspective. For instance, Jet-black is a versatile color suiting all skin tones including pale and tanned outgrowing a formal hue. Moreover, Jet-black exhibits power, luxury, elegance, professionalism, neutrality, and simplicity including mystery. Off-white conveys cleanliness, purity, innocence, positivity, and perfection through vibrant refreshment to the mind.

The Chefchaouen family has only made it to the first step of fashion designing. Undoubtedly a revival of attires is on the way. And it makes it clear that Chefchaouen has a long way toward an impressive pathway of style!


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