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Consummately Finest Arabic Ringtones



Arabic Music

Arabic music is the oldest music in the world because Arabs are the most ancient creatures on earth. Arabs are called the people who lives or either born on the Land of “Hijaz”. Hijaz is the oldest name of today’s so called Saudi Arabia. Arabs have their very primeval culture and traditions. Arabs are known for their lavish living styles. Arabs are the people of hospitality and they spend lot of wealth on their traditional festivals. On their festivals Arabs invite huge gatherings of their family and friends. On these occasions Arabs do organize dancing agoras. For which purpose they have hired very pretty dancing girls. Arabs are fond of “Bellay Dance” and they are crazy about it. Bellay dance is performed usually on Arabic music and in some of gatherings they called live performing musical bands who sing live in front of guests and dancing girls perform to make the audience happy. Arabic music is not only restricted inside Saudi Arabia but wherever the Arabic language is spoken Arabs music is listened and released. Arabic ringtones or Islamic ringtones are the best feature to keep Arabic ringtones lovers adjoined with new Arabic releasing of music. Consummately finest Arabic ringtones are forged and placed up in the lap of the website named and the hypertext will lead you to the world of finest Arabic ringtones publishing web. Arabic music is based on few musical instruments in which Duff, djembe and tambourine, rubab and few of like these. Arabic music consists on these instruments and in every occasion these musical instruments are played to perform the music. Consummately finest Arabic ringtones are the ringtones which are gained by trimming and extracting some most attracting portions of any of the Arabic songs with the duration of no longer than 25 to 30 seconds. These Arabic ringtones are not only chosen from the music which produces in Saudi Arabia but all the Arabic countries like UAE, Gulf, Oman, Iraq, Kuwait, Palestine, Syria, Egypt etc and other countries where Arabic is spoken all their music and songs are present here as ringtones.

Difference in all Arabic countries languages is that there must be some very little bit of variations in their language but all are the Arabic countries. Arabic music is almost similar in all Arab countries but the way of presenting and performing the music is quite different.  Arabic cinema is now getting boom in all of Arabian countries and in Saudi Arabia as well. Arabic movies are now appreciating globally and their cast is really doing appreciable work. Arabic is very sweet language and it feels very good when it is used in any singing pattern. Arabic people only like to listen the Arabic music and they have very pretty much good production and even their singing artists are popular world widely. Arabic music industry has introduced many of good artists which not only perform in Arab countries but they do perform in all over the world. In Arabic singers Nassif Zeytoun, Khaled, Tamer Hosny, Diana Haddad, Salma Rachid, Haifa Wehbe and hundreds of them which are known as the well famed singers in Arabic music industry. These singers belong to different musical industries in all Arab countries. Arabic consummately finest ringtones are raised up from the music composed by these famous artists and exceptional of these too. Just for the kind information only these few artists are mentioned here. Arabic marriages have different type of music and that music is only performed on marriages like any of the other cultures. Arabic music is performed with accordance of any occasion and it has some specified variations in it. Arabic ringtones are scattered on the website according to the nature of the ringtones. Every type and nature of the consummately finest Arabic ringtones is found on the website. Ringtones are the feature which people belong to any region of the world can use according to their liking or disliking. Every country and every region has its own musical culture and people of that region prefer to listen and attach with their cultures whether it is musical culture, dressing culture, food culture or anything else. Ringtones are directly attached with any of the origin of the world where music is listened. Music of every region has very vast range of its types same like that Arabic music is also classified in different types. Arabic music although have very attractive and good listening musical beats produced by typical Arabic musical instruments that’s why Arabic remixes are also the most popular remixes in all over the world.

DJs that have that art of mixing the music with different rhythms regenerate the best rhythmic remixes. Arabic remixes are counted the most exotic remixes of all. Arabic DJs remix finest ringtones are also allocated on the website and searching the mesmerizing Arabic ringtones is very much easy because most of the titles are published in the Arabic text. So who are the Arabic ringtones explorers can get the access very conveniently. Arabic finest ringtones are the ringtones which are not only the finest by name but they are actually served in best musical and sound quality. Consummately finest Arabic ringtones are the most popular ringtones which have the most downloads and listeners following just because of the ultra-premium quality. Arabic music is also performed in clubs and discos and there DJs are also involved in to live remixing the music. Arabic ringtones can be downloading by any of ringtones users who are devotedly fond of keep changing ringtones. One of the most ever hit and popular Arabic ringtone is Abdel Kader which is known as never getting old ringtone ever. This song is sung by the most talented and most fan followed singer named “Khaled”. This singer actually belongs to the Palestine but has sung so many songs with Saudi Arabian artists. That one song has made him popular in the Arabic music industry. Hundreds and thousands of many Arabic songs are like these which are famous and sung by different Arab countries artists but they do fall in the category of Arabic music because all these countries speak Arabic language. Topnotch Arabic ringtones are the best source to influence the charm of any of the mobile phone because ringtones are the only feature of the mobile which have no privacy. And people often use different ringtones to grab the attention of the people surrounding him. Consummately finest Arabic ringtones have that capacity to boost the charm of any of the mobile phone because Arabic music as well Arabic ringtones are considered the highest class.

Arabic people although have a class which make them especial from rest of the world that is why Arabic people do promote their musical culture and wherever they’d be in the world or wherever they will be travelling in the world they do like to hang out with Arabic music. For those kinds of people these consummately finest Arabic ringtones are published to make them show off being an Arab. Arabic super finest mp3 ringtones are the most trending Arabic ringtones ever served on the website which stays the website unique from others. Arabic Dramas are world most famous dramas and their dramas are dubbed in many of languages because Arabic dramas are based on very strong story side. In Arabic dramas Arab culture id being enlightened and they spread a very instructive and exemplary message through their dramas and TV serials. Arabic dramas have also very nice background music which often causes to hit that production and those dramas consummately finest Arabic ringtones have the most vibrant type of attention. Arabic serials are most seen then Arabic movies just because of that there is always advisory tips available in dramas which built their moral characters. Arabic ringtones are usually offered by many of well famed platforms who are very professional in serving only Arabic ringtones but the consummately finest Arabic ringtones are only found here which link is highlighted. All finest Arab ringtones are served here in awesomely gaudy quality that are enough enhanced to give a premium admissible charm to their users cell phones devices. Consummately finest Arabic ringtones are known consummately because of the awesomeness of the selection of the content which is formed later on in to the shape of gaudy Arabic ringtones. That is the feature which keeps the Arabic ringtones content unique from others. By intending the fan following of Arabic ringtones very high class Arabic music is selected with best tonal type to serve the esteemed Arabic ringtones explorers. Ringtones of Arabic songs are chosen by the most famed singers and bands that have the greatest fan following in the world. Get these consummately finest Arabic ringtones by accessing the website to download in mp3. All the content regarding finest Arabic ringtones is available in mp3 supporting format.

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Tech doesn’t get more full circle than this



Welcome to Startups Weekly, a fresh human-first take on this week’s startup news and trends. To get this in your inbox, subscribe here.

Tech innovation is a cycle, especially in the main character-driven world of early-stage venture capital and copycat nature of startups.

The latest proof? Y Combinator this week announced Launch YC, a platform where people can sort accelerator startups by industry, batch and launch date to discover new products. The famed accelerator, which has seeded the likes of Instacart, Coinbase, OpenSea and Dropbox, invites users to vote for newly launched startups “to help them climb up the leaderboard, try out product demos and learn about the founding team,” it said in a blog post.

TechCrunch+ is having an Independence Day sale! Save 50% on an annual subscription here. (More on TechCrunch+ here if you need it!)

If it sounds familiar, it’s because — in my perspective — Y Combinator is taking a not-so-subtle swipe at Product Hunt, a nearly decade-old platform that is synonymous with new startup launches and feature announcements.

Y Combinator doesn’t necessarily agree with this characterization: The accelerator’s head of communications, Lindsay Amos, told me over email that “we encourage YC founders to launch on many platforms — from the YC Directory to Product Hunt to Hacker News to Launch YC — in order to reach customers, investors and candidates.”

The overlap isn’t isolated. As Y Combinator makes a Product Hunt, Product Hunt is making an Andreessen Horowitz. Meanwhile, a16z is making its own Y Combinator. Not to mention Product Hunt has investment capital from a16z and formerly went through the Y Combinator accelerator.

The strategy is more than a tongue twister, it’s a signal on what institutions think is important to offer these days (and why they’re starting to borrow more than sugar, or deal flow, from their neighbors).

For my full take, read my TechCrunch+ column, “YC makes a Product Hunt, Product Hunt makes an a16z, a16z makes a YC.”

In the rest of this newsletter, we’ll talk about Coalition, Backstage Capital and Africa’s temperature-fluctuating summer. As always, you can support me by forwarding this newsletter to a friend or following me on Twitter or subscribing to my blog.

Deal of the week

Coalition! Built by a quartet of women operators in venture, Coalition is a fund meets network that is trying to get more diverse decision-makers onto cap tables. The two-pronged approach of fund and network helps Coalition cover multiple fronts: Founders can turn to the firm for capital or the network for advice at no further dilution. Aspiring investors and advisers can turn to the firm to begin building out their portfolio, and LPs can put money into an operation that is committed to broadening diversity on cap tables, known to have economic benefits.

Here’s why it’s important: Coalition co-founder Ashley Mayer, the former VP of communications for Glossier, explained a little about the building philosophy behind the new company.

Mayer explained that she and her three co-founders saw the value of taking a “portfolio approach” to careers, basically going deep on their respective operator roles while also angel investing and eventually scout investing. Three of them previously worked in venture but left it because they missed the experience of operating. Now, they’re trying to scale a way for people to keep their day jobs and build beyond it. Coalition co-founder and Cityblock Health founder Toyin Ajayi said that “as one of few women of color leading a venture-backed company, I feel a deep obligation to hold the door open for others.”

Coalition investors (left to right): Cityblock Health co-founder Toyin Ajayi, Tribe AI co-founder Jackie Nelson, Umbrella co-founder Lindsay Ullman, Glossier VP of Communications Ashley Mayer

Image Credits: Coalition

When do layoffs matter? Trick question — always

This week on Equity, we spoke about Backstage Capital laying off a majority of its staff, weeks after pausing any investments in new startups. The workforce reduction, which impacted nine of Backstage Capital’s 12-person staff, was due to a lack of capital from limited partners, per fund founder Arlan Hamilton.

Here’s why it’s important: Backstage Capital has invested in over 200 startups built by historically overlooked entrepreneurs, while Hamllton herself has invested in more than two dozen venture capital funds. Despite having impact, no single firm can be immune from the difficulties of venture (or growing in an environment full of macroeconomic and cultural hurdles). Below is an excerpt of my story.

Without more support, it becomes difficult to close shop on new investments, bring more assets under management and bring more follow-on investments, Hamilton said.

“Somebody asked me, ‘why don’t you have more under management?’” she said during the podcast. “You gotta ask these LPs, you gotta ask these family offices, you gotta ask these people who ask me, ‘how can I be helpful,’ and I say ‘invest in our fund,’ and I never hear from them again.”

one chess pawn on a green elevated platform, with one on lower pink platform. startups and Market downturns

Image Credits: Jordan Lye (opens in a new window) / Getty Images

Africa charts its own course

TC’s Dominic-Madori Davis and Tage Kene-Okafor wrote a story about how the downturn is playing out in Africa, essentially answering why we should all be tuning into the continent’s activity this summer.

Here’s why it matters: Africa’s venture capital totals weren’t too shabby in the first quarter, but investors think that it may just be a reporting delay. If most of the deals were finalized before high interest rates, the war and inflation, experts say, we may see an economic downturn soon start affecting developing markets. The story doesn’t stop there; I’d read more to see what Tiger Global tells us and how August is shaping up to be a key month of movement. 

Arrows on the African landscape pointing up and down

The summer could decide this year’s fate of the African funding landscape.

Across the week

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OK, whose rocket just hit the moon?

This co-worker does not exist: FBI warns of deepfakes interviewing for tech jobs

Formerly rich NFT buyers party through the pain

Robinhood almost imploded during the GameStop meme stock chaos

FTX says no active talks to buy Robinhood

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Your startup pitch deck needs an operating plan

3 questions for the startup market as we enter Q3

Disclose your Scope 3 emissions, you cowards

What’s a fintech even worth these days?

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Google will start erasing location data for abortion clinic visits



In the aftermath of the Supreme Court’s decision to strip federal abortion rights in the U.S., many people are questioning how the apps they use every day might suddenly be turned against them.

As concerns mount over the endless well of data that tech companies built an entire industry around, Google is taking at least one step to mitigate some potential harm related to location tracking.

The company announced Friday in a blog post that it would remove location history data about some “particularly personal” places from a Google account shortly after someone visits. Locations that will have their data deleted include “medical facilities like counseling centers, domestic violence shelters, abortion clinics, fertility centers, addiction treatment facilities, weight loss clinics, cosmetic surgery clinics, and others,” according to the blog.

Google also noted that Fitbit users who use the device’s companion software as a period tracker currently must delete those entries one by one, but an easier way to “delete multiple logs at once” is on the way.

The change to location history will go into effect in the next few weeks, emptying one potential bucket of data that law enforcement could demand from the company. Google notes that its location history feature is off by default for people who use its services, but if you’re not sure about that, it’s always worth double-checking what personal information you’re actively sharing with tech’s data brokers — particularly now.

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Micropyramid lenses triple the light that hits solar panels



Stacks of teeny lenses that look like inverted pyramids could juice up solar panels, helping them capture more light from any angle on both sunny and overcast days.

Solar panels perform best in direct sunlight, which is why some solar systems track the big fireball across the sky, turning to face it for maximum light. Unfortunately, such tracking tech is pricey and moving parts can break.

Shortcomings like these motivated researchers at Stanford to develop an alternative. The resulting tech — named Axially Graded Index Lens, or AGILE for short — offers a way to boost the efficiency of static solar panels, even in diffuse light, authors Nina Vaidya and Olav Solgaard said in a peer-reviewed paper. Prototype arrays of AGILE lenses successfully concentrated light into a 3x smaller area, while retaining 90% of its power in the best-case scenario, and well ahead of more elementary concentrators when the light was more slanted (sometimes concentrators can sacrifice light intensity but come out ahead of gathering angle). 

Concentrating light to squeeze more energy out of solar panels is nothing new, but the authors point out that concentrators such as fresnel lenses and mirrors provide only “modest acceptance angles.” Incidentally, the pyramidal design also succeeds in looking glamorous in a render video released alongside the paper.

AGILE lens prototype shown in three stages of development

The AGILE lens prototype shown in three stages of development. A: Bonded glass. B: With aluminum sidewalls. C: With a solar cell absorbing light. Image Credits: Nina Vaidya

The internet is littered with neat ideas that could help us capture more energy from the sun. Many are inspired by things in nature, such as butterfly wings, fly eyes, flower petals and even puffer fish. The design for AGILE “did not come from nature,” says Vaidya, but the paper acknowledges that “there are features of AGILE that can be found in the retina of fish (e.g., Gnathonemus) and compound eyes in insects (e.g., Lepidoptera), where a gradient index is present as anti-reflection to maximize transmission as well as to enable camouflage.”

Though the researchers did not announce any plans to commercialize AGILE, the prototypes were designed with the solar industry in mind using readily available materials, according to a Stanford press release.

“Abundant and affordable clean energy is a vital part of addressing the urgent climate and sustainability challenges,” said Vaidya. “We need to catalyze engineering solutions to make that a reality.”

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