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Best Call Center Campaigns That Help you Grow your Business



A customer-centric business often seems to struggle due to a lack of balance between customers and the services. In recent years, it has been witnessed that a customer-friendly business grows faster than any other.

If you want to grow your business, you must take care of the queries and questions of the customers you are dealing with. The best option available for establishing a reliable connection with customers is Phone Call Service, resulting in a good market image for your business.

Call center campaign

What is a Call Centre Campaign?

The Call Centre Campaign is an effective endeavor that improves business outcomes by establishing a means of communication between customers and business agents. However, Many companies organize such campaigns to promote their products and services. It involves a well-trained staff with good communication skills who can help customers with their queries. These campaigns also help create a friendly relationship between customers and business agents.

Benefits of a Call Center Campaign

Here are some major benefits of the Call center benefit.

1. No Regional boundaries

Call campaigns are not only limited to headquarters or any specific region; rather, Call service provides remote assistance that assists customers even if they are not physically present.

2. Helps in advertisement

Providing well-organized call facilities for customers can also promote business in positive terms. Customers will feel satisfied with the service and will promote the business further.

3. Feedbacks from customers

In today’s world, where business runs on services offered by the industry, feedback is the most important tool by which a firm can grow over time by providing the best service for the customers. Feedback also gives an idea about what is being liked by the customer and what changes can be included in favor of the business.

Some other benefits can be-

  • Builts professional image of the business
  • Increase sales and deals for the company
  • Shows the active and helpful side of the business

Call center campaign launch

Qualities Required For The Best Call Campaign

Here are certain qualities of a good call that can help businesses grow effectively.

1. Well-organized staff and agents

A well-organized staff with coordination and adequate connection with each other will help in the smooth functioning of the campaign. It will also help in reducing errors and other possible mistakes from agents and staff. Staff should be well-trained and must be strict towards the deadlines.

2. Good communication skills

Call executives should be hired based on communication skills. They must have fluent and calm communication skills. They also have to be a good listener and give quick and easy responses to the customer. Their main goal should be ‘customer satisfaction.

3. Availability of equipment needed for the call office

The call must have the proper equipment for communication and other crucial services. They should perform quickly and must be updated regularly. New technology and tools should be added to facilitate the smooth functioning of the Call Campaign.

4. IVR System

Interactive voice response is software that can be used for attending calls and guiding inbound callers toward the appropriate agent or the required voicemails.

5. Voicemails or recorded information

Voicemail facilities or recorded information can easily reduce the chances of error. It will also reduce staff effort and can be a good tool for providing information to many customers in very less time.

6. The authorities should inspect the Call Campaign

Discipline and management are the key features of a campaign; therefore, authorities and officials must visit and monitor the proper functioning of the campaign. Companies can ensure a well-functioning Call Campaign through proper inspection and discipline. Staff will always perform well because they will have a fear of being supervised regularly.

Call routing center

Types of Call Centre Campaign

The call centre campaigns can be majorly divided into two parts:

  1. Outbound calling campaign
  2. Inbound calling campaigns

1. Outbound Calling Campaign

Outbound calling campaigns are marketing tools in which customers get calls from agents on behalf of the company to get information regarding certain products and services.

Outbound calling campaigns fall under 3 categories,

Cold calling campaigns

It is one of the oldest campaigns in telemarketing. It involves a one-on-one conversation with the customer to ensure accurate and probably true information. However, this may take a lot of time and effort.

This campaign may not function properly in a busy call centre. It requires a good amount of time that needs to be invested in every customer.

Warm outreach campaign

This campaign includes interaction with those who have already contacted your company. In a warm outreach campaign, people who are familiar with the company by any means, be it subscribing to your service, following your page, or being a customer, are being called by the agents to gather their experience and feedback for the further growth of the company. It will also be helpful if customers come up with ideas and methods by which you can enhance your services.

Survey campaign

It aims to grasp customers’ feedback and preferences and then deliver service accordingly. Customers can give their feedback based on their experience to help agents find the best service for them. It may take time, but it is a very helpful way of realizing the things that need the most attention and what should be neglected.

2. Inbound Calling Campaigns

Inbound calling campaigns are service-based campaigns that aim at customer satisfaction. They receive calls from customers and help them with their inquiries.

Inbound calling campaigns have 3 categories-

Customer Service Campaigns

A customer service campaign offers call service to the customers in which they can ask questions, send feedback, and complain. It can be a hectic campaign for a busy call centre, but agents must focus on customer service irrespective of difficulties. However, customer service campaigns can add voicemails, call-back queues, auto attendants, and other technologies for a better customer experience.

Inbound sales campaign

Customers who get awareness through paid or non-paid promotions often ask questions and have queries related to the brand or company. To attend such calls, you will need well-trained agents.

In inbound sales queries, people often have their objections, and you can present your agents with information and enhance your closing rates by clearing their doubts.

Tech Support Campaign

Tech support agents must have expert skills in the technical field to resolve issues coming from customers. Agents must be well-versed with all the technical skills and must have all the knowledge of their products. Call routing is very effective in such Campaigns. It helps customers reach the appropriate agent for their problems and eventually improves customer experience.

Call center outsourcing pros

How These Campaigns Will Help you in your Business

Call centre campaigns are the most effective telemarketing tool that gathers customers’ experience and feedback. It establishes a connection between call centre agents and customers. With the help of this campaign, you can analyze what feedback and image people have. Through these experiences, you will have an estimate of how the customers are treating your services and products. And with feedback, you can improve your business and services for better results. These campaigns will also help you in creating a positive image for your business.

Call Campaigns will also promote your business among customers. With better services, your business will eventually gain profit. You can choose wisely which Call center Campaign will help your business grow faster!

In Summary

It is a cloud-based phone system for small and medium businesses. It is the fastest solution to manage your phone support. They provide web, desktop, or mobile apps to make or receive calls easily. You can record the calls for further use.

It also provides SMS and voicemails service with just one click. It also has an analytic dashboard to measure the efficiency of campaigns and agents. It offers IVR, smart calling routing, live call monitoring, SMS bots, and many other effective tools that can easily boost your Call Campaign!

Frequently asked questions

What are the qualities a call centre agent should have?

A call centre agent must have good communication skills, friendly nature, a creative mind, good listening skills, and should have good knowledge about the company he is working for.

What are the tools that are required for Call centre Campaigns?

There are some major tools you must have: computers, CRM systems, real-time reporting, interactive voice responses IVRs, call conferencing, call barging, PBX switch, call recording and call monitoring, and predictive dialers.

How will JustCall help in organizing a Call centre Campaign?

JustCall has all the tools which are required by the Call centre Campaign. It also provides an analytic dashboard for measuring the efficiency of campaigns. If you want to grow your business fast, then JustCall can provide you with all the necessary tools with fast working technology.

How can I start a Call centre Campaign?

First, you must know what campaign would be suitable for your business. Then try to find appropriate tools for the campaign. Then hire agents as per the requirements. However, you can take a demo to understand better the requirements and procedures that need to be followed by you.


Essential Legal Documents You Need for Your Small Business



Entrepreneurs from Mississauga to Montreal put all of their effort and attention into growing a business, making it important to protect what has been built. If you don’t have the right standard legal documents for your business, you could be leaving yourself open for litigation that could cost you everything.

As a business owner, you are an expert in your field but that doesn’t mean that you know how to protect yourself and your business from a legal standpoint. It’s crucial that you have the minimum of legal documents prepared for your company to make sure that you are protected from lawsuits.

Legal document
photo credit: Pixabay

You can work with business lawyers in Mississauga, On, or print off some legal templates that are available online to protect your interests at a minimum. Let’s take a closer look at a few of the essential legal documents that you need for your small business.

Owner’s Agreement

To help solidify trust and cooperation in your business, it’s important to have an owner’s agreement in place. With the right amendments in place, you minimize disagreements and can work towards common goals. Your ownership agreement should clearly outline the roles and responsibilities of each of the partners including decision-making power. Your agreement should include a specified breakdown of your equity ownership agreement, and assignment of your intellectual property to the business and not the partners.

Independent Contractor Agreement

When operating your small business, it can be cost-effective to bring in independent contractors to do certain work. Your independent contractor agreement should be in place to specifically designate that your workers are responsible for paying their own taxes and they are not part of your payroll or in your direct employment.

Vendor Agreement

One of the most important aspects of a successful business is ensuring that you can supply your products quickly to customers. A vendor agreement for your suppliers will provide the terms and conditions under which they will deliver the goods that you need on time.

Employee agreement

Non-Disclosure Agreement

Before you allow any vendors, contractors, or employees into the heart of your business operations, you need to have them sign a non-disclosure agreement. This ensures that outsiders will not be able to disclose any confidential information about your business. Your agreement should clearly outline what is considered to be confidential information, specific information formats, how confidential information should be handled, and a statute of limitations.

Company Bylaws

ovinces and states require that companies create a set of governing bylaws. Within your bylaws, you should clearly outline how your business will be structured, dispute resolution, hiring practices, and powers of shareholders.

Meeting Minutes

While it may not be legally mandated in your area to keep a copy of any executive meeting minutes, it’s still a good idea to keep this type of documentation. Meeting minutes that record everything that is said in major meetings is an excellent company resource for information to resolve potential disputes.

If you are starting a new business, it’s recommended that you have these essential legal documents ready to ensure that you and your venture are protected.

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How to Optimize Your CRM for Winning More Customers



A CRM, or Customer Relationship Management tool, is an all-embracing software solution used to manage relationships and interactions with partners, potential customers, and existing customers. CRM solutions like is a useful tool that can streamline the operations and functions of teams in different departments of an organization, like business development, marketing, or sales. All the important information required for the company, like client data, leads, sales opportunities, and marketing campaigns, can be stored and managed centrally with the help of CRM.

Optimizing CRM adds enormous value to the business process. It will enable businesses to strengthen their client relationships, simplify processes, and improve sales and profits.

Businessman using CRM

There are several ways to optimize your CRM to win more customers. Some of them include as follow.

Automate The Basic and Straightforward Tasks

Automating daily and repetitive tasks is an important step toward improving the efficiency of your business processes. Many businesses mention a shortage of resources and time as the reason for not automating such repetitive tasks. But this is a real mistake business owners are making in this digital age.

Automation helps businesses improve customer traction. It also gives companies the capability to inspect the intricate journey towards real customer-centricity. This process might feel a bit overwhelming for budding businesses with limited experience in CRM.

CRM automation can be used to eliminate repetitive and time-consuming functions like sending newsletter subscriptions, promotion offers, follow-up emails, and other marketing efforts. This will reduce the need to write the same response repeatedly while engaging customers. It is also possible to automate sales processes like call scheduling. All of this will save precious time for team members that can be diverted to more crucial tasks, increasing productivity and boosting business growth.

Understand from Analytics

Another important feature of CRM that makes it attractive is its ability to analyze consumer behavior and trends. Not only does CRM perform the analytics, but all the data is stored in one place, making it easily accessible. This will enable companies to easily access and understand the behavior of clients and push the products and services to suit those trends.

When one marketing strategy becomes successful, businesses should analyze the reason for its success and model the next campaign similar to it.

Having a better understanding of CRM analytics will help companies and their different managerial teams come up with the best marketing strategies and solutions. All the marketing and sales strategies should be designed based on client data to yield maximum results. When the sales team is aware of the location and inclination of the customer, the salesperson can come up with novel strategies to make a targeted sales pitch. It will also improve the chances of getting a good deal. Thus, carefully learning and understanding analytics is crucial for the growth of a company.

Business team using CRM solutions

Establish and Maintain The Portfolio of Profitable Customers

CRM helps to collect and organize all the client data in one place. The advantage of this feature is that it will enable teams and customer service agents to access how a particular issue or client was handled in a previous similar scenario. This will help the agents communicate effectively in the said scenario and provide consistent customer service by predicting the wishes of clients based on previous responses.

CRM can be used efficiently for helping agents deal with new customers or specific interactions. Specific guidelines or playbooks can be created based on earlier interactions. This will allow the customers to have an idea about what to expect, and they will be happier with the service provided.

You can also prioritize the queries and issues of the most profitable customers and get them handled by the right agent. This does not mean you should delay the issues of other customers. The issues requiring urgent attention should be prioritized above everything else.

Make CRM The Core of your Company’s Marketing Strategy

It is beneficial for businesses to develop their marketing strategies and campaigns based on CRM intelligence. CRM intelligence provides critical insights into marketing, like the best technique to approach a specific market or the most successful tactic for a particular service. All of these crucial insights will assist businesses in developing campaigns that will result in agile and tactile business practices and corresponding business growth.

Long-lasting relationships can be made with customers when you give them what they want and approach them the way they desire. CRM will assist you in determining the most interactive and emerging market, the most desired products and services, and the channel receiving the most traffic.

Work with CRM system

Integrate CRM With Other Tools

Once you invest in CRM, you should remember to integrate it with other tools and internal systems used in your business processes. CRM can be integrated with enterprise resource planning systems (ERPs) to create an automated inquiry management system that is fully developed and includes all client information.

For social media listening, your CRM should also be connected to all social media accounts of your company, like LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook. This will keep you up to date on important topics like emerging trends, the reputation of your brand, and the impact of your marketing campaigns. All this information can be used to create better strategies for your next marketing campaign.

Update Customer Data

CRM is most effective when the data is up-to-date. Your marketing and sales strategy will only be effective if it is developed using the latest client data, like changes in preferences, location, or contact method. By designing strategies based on the changing needs and desires of the customer, your relationship with them will continuously evolve and become stronger.

Customize CRM

CRM is like the real face of your company or support team. This system plays a great role in shaping the opinion of the customer about your company. You should use CRM to create a positive and lifelong impact on your customers. Remember to meet the expectations of your clients and provide a cohesive and consistent service. Also, give focus on providing a seamless customer experience.



CRM is an invaluable tool that can be used for the overall development of the business. By properly optimizing it, you can get more customers and generate higher profits.

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Solo Traveler to Solo Entrepreneur



I became a solo traveler to a solo entrepreneur through my love for travel.

I started traveling around 10 years ago and lived to explore the world. I was constantly trying to find packaged adventures that offered to explore off-the-beaten-path corners of the earth, but was unable to find anything. I became tired of the cookie cutter tour companies that only highlighted the touristy attractions and popular regions. Eventually, I gave up trying and decided to create my own trips. I figured if I was looking for adventures like this, then other travelers would too.

Kate, BornWild Travel Adventures

photo credit: BornWild

After 4 years of traveling solo, I combined my passion for travel and wild animal conservation and decided to start my own adventure travel company – BornWild.

I began selling unique day trips for the first two years of business which went relatively well, however profits were low. To succeed at making a business out of day trips alone, you would have to be selling the majority of weekdays and dedicate much labor to make an honest living.

Multi-day trips is where the vast majority of profit can be made so I focused into this sector and it has really paid off.

Entering into the adventure travel industry world is no easy task. If you are a solo entrepreneur that has a travel start-up, you have your work cut out.

Kate, BornWild Travel Adventures

What I found most challenging is that consumers are parting with much more money and tend to be very careful before purchasing. It takes someone a lot more thinking time and deliberation before buying a trip, than it does to buy an item of clothing for example. Selling travel requires trust built between consumer and business and it’s essential for the business to have a great reputation too.

The travel industry isn’t overcrowded but there is a lot of choice so it requires work and the right marketing techniques to be seen by the right buyers.

Having a socially conscious angle on your business also helps too. From a business perspective, travelers are becoming more proactive in traveling consciously and impacting the planet positively. Consumers are gravitating towards eco-friendly, sustainable and conservation based trips and adventures. It’s a preference that has become highly favored in today’s world.

Being socially committed not only gives your brand kudos and credibility but it helps people see how dedicated you are to doing good.

We have just devised an African Lion Safari which is a groundbreaking adventure that bridges adventure travel with lion conservation. It exposes travelers to resources and experiences you will only encounter through this adventure. It’s the only adventure like this on the market and sets us apart from other companies.

African Lion Safari

photo credit: Roya Ann Miller / BornWild

Digital marketing is key when getting your business off the ground. I taught myself how to become a digital marketing expert and it’s paid off in many ways. I have tried numerous marketing tactics when it comes to selling travel, from magazine articles to ads, to cross marketing, to social media, facebook live etc. I’ve found that the most effective way is to master the world of SEO so that you can start ranking on google and be visible when consumers are searching for an adventure. The goal is to capture people as they are ready to buy a trip and that’s what’s so powerful when you crack digital marketing.

My advice to all new entrepreneurs in travel is to learn to master SEO and become a digital marketing expert so you become a pro at the very beginning. This will set you up for success from the offset and be extremely beneficial to getting your business off the ground as well as throughout your whole business journey.

Tips on starting your own travel business:

  1. Find a niche that isn’t already being done
  2. Become a digital marketing expert
  3. Post, post, post to rank on google using SEO
  4. Concentrate in on where your buyers are coming from
  5. Pinpoint what search terms consumers are using when they are poised to buy and start ranking for these search terms.
  6. Don’t waste time on marketing avenues that don’t work, plug away at avenues that do.
  7. Cross marketing with other companies really helps
  8. Make sure your customer service is 5-star and that you gain great reviews
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